For a burst of radiance by saturating the skins surface with anti-oxidants and peptides  to optimise skins health and provide a healthy luminous glow. With no down time, this is a perfect skin prep before any occasion or to incorporate within your lifestyle at anytime. 


Uncover a new layer of skin through a deep cleanse, peel, exfoliation and serum based resurfacing. Through a painless extraction process, the debris from pores are removed whilst simultaneously hydrating the skin by infusing anti-oxidants & peptide collagen & elastin proteins. Followed by a tailored mask, the skins texture is ultimately left refined, rejuvenated replenished.  No down-time, perfect prior to any occasion or to incorporate at any point.


A non-invasive treatment to boost collagen, improve skin elasticity and regenerate new skin cells. Improves the appearance of dullness and plumps skins texture through the penetration of various significant anti-oxidants and cell regulators, targeting conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This treatment delivers complete action on skins density, firmer contours are visibly redefined, as if lifted, skin appears more toned.  No down-time, perfect prior to any occasion or to incorporate at any point.  


Perfect for all skin types, this basic essential facial will leave skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. An essential part of skin ritual, this treatment incorporates a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, steam and tailored mask to renew cell production and nourish skin. Skin is purified and luminous.  


Peel back the years. Targeting pigmentation, melasma, sunspots and post-acne marks, the Cosmelan Peel is a breakthrough treatment that utilises a 2 step approach to eliminate dark patches caused by melanin deposits. First, it deactivates a critical enzyme in the production of melanin responsible for the formation of dark spots. Secondly, it utilises a proprietary blend of bleaching agents and botanical ingredients to eliminate existing excess pigment deposits. 

The Cosmelan peel is compatible with all skin types and colours and can be used all year round because of its very high safety margin.  

The treatment is executed in 2 phases: the first phase consists of the application of Cosmelan I, a mask which you wear home and keep on from 10 to 12 hours, depending on your skin type as determined by the aesthetician. At the indicated time, the mask is washed off with water. The second treatment phase consists of daily application of a maintenance cream called Cosmelan 2, containing botanical acids that support the depigmentation achieved. Initially after the procedure, you may experience different sensations, varying from warm flushing and inflammation to slight itching and tightness of the skin. Most clients experience a dramatic reduction in the appearance of unwanted pigmentation following just one session.  To ensure long-term results, it is recommended to use a regime of specific home care products.